There are no upcoming events at this time. Wether you are looking for a traineeship, an academic or a non academic career; TU Delft offers challenges for everyone! We offer opportunities for research for both doctoral…, Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in building technology, Curious to do research in the subject of building technology? This means that you get a salary as well as paid vacation leave and the right to paid parental leave when you become a PhD student. Karlstad University. 0, The project deals with advanced numerical modelling to study different types of wooden structures that are exposed to variations in both mechanical load and cyclic climate conditions. The Centres for Timber Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University are “Wood Science & Technology (CWST)”, and “Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures (COCIS)”. Are you looking for a job where you can develop in an inspiring environment? If you want to gain a profound understanding of a particular field, doctoral studies at Linköping University could be for you. You will find more information on each institute or research centre's website. Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization. And if you get one, you'll get paid a monthly salary. Read this story on the University of Oslo's website. Education that helps you to actually make a difference in the world we live in. After that, I will most likely try to find a research position within some other field to broaden my knowledge. In the book, I read that knowledge about vegetation in ancient times can be inferred from pollen in sediment, and that the time period for which this can be done can date as far back as millions of years. At Linnaeus University, you will meet students in what is perhaps the most important development period of their lives. PhD student in Biochemistry, Structure and function of Bacterial and Archaeal Chromatin 20-582 Science, Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) PhD candidates on the Mathematical Modeling of Cardiovascular Development 20-570 Science, Mathematical Institute (MI) When I was doing my undergraduate studies in ecology, I was reading a book named Principle and application of ecology. I will probably like to continue with research. We use cookies on If you are interested in PhD studies at Linnaeus University you should check out the vacant job listings. As a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen you have the opportunity to advance your international career as part of a world class research team. The application process differs depending on if the doctoral position is officially announced or not. The Search function allows you to distinguish between academic vacancies (which include PhD positions) and support and administrative vacancies. For more details go to, Scholarships for MSc in Timber Engineering. The specific entry requirements are listed in the general syllabus of the subject area. We offer opportunities for research for both doctoral students and industrial…, Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in forestry industry production systems, Curious to do research in the subject of forestry and wood? When you apply for a doctoral studentship, you are also applying for admittance to PhD studies in a third-cycle subject area. Cambridge C-CLEAR NERC DTP PhD Studentships Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in mechanical engineering, Curious to do research in the subject of mechanical engineering? The faculty in which the doctoral student is placed is responsible for providing the programme described in the general syllabus of the subject area and in the student's individual study plan. Overview of PhD vacancies. What appeals to me the most is that I can decide what field to do research in based on my interests, arrange my working time the way I want, plan all my experiments, and establish my reading and writing timetable myself. Vacancies Challenge yourself and let TU Delft become a part of your career. A majority of PhD students in Sweden are employed by their university. The applicants' eligibility and ability are assessed, and if there are more applicants than available positions, they will be placed in order of preference, according to an assessment of the applicants' qualifications and abilities. Research training is the foundation for a career as a researcher and teacher at a university, or as a researcher in the industry. Most doctoral student positions (PhD's) at Linnaeus University are officially announced through the Linnaeus University job vacancy page. There are no admission- or tuition fees if you are admitted as a PhD through Malmö University. Read more Press and News Room News. In order to answer why I started studying for a PhD, I need to go back to the inspiration I felt when I started my master studies seven years ago. TRADA, Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Institute for Sustainable Construction blog, School of Engineering and the Built Environment blog,, the Institute for Sustainable Construction, Scottish Forest & Timber Technologies events. Such forms of funding include: funding from an employer other than Linnaeus University; research scholarships; funds especially allocated for lecturers; and self-funding. Last application date Jan 04, 2021 00:59 Department LA23 - Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health Contract Limited duration Degree Master’ degree in bioscience engineering, chemical engineering, biology, chemistry, biochemistry or related disciplines with distinction Occupancy rate 100% Vacancy type Research staff PhD opportunity at Linnaeus University 12 May 2015 Dan Ridley-Ellis CPD and degrees , Research 0 The project deals with advanced numerical modelling to study different types of wooden structures that are exposed to variations in both mechanical load and cyclic climate conditions. To meet the basic entry requirements for PhD programmes, applicants must have a second-cycle degree or have completed studies comprising at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits were awarded at second-cycle level, or have completed a corresponding programme in another country or have equivalent qualifications. Study.EU: Your gateway to universities in Europe. Below is an overview of some of the PhD vacancies on the Academic Transfer website. Study at Linnaeus University in Sweden: 47 Bachelors, Masters, PhDs. University students and faculty, institute members, and independent researchers Corporate, government, or NGO researcher Technology or product developers, R&D specialists, and government or … High-quality research is carried out at Linnaeus University, focusing on everything from health, social work, and the behavioral sciences, to the humanities, social sciences, economics, design, the natural sciences, and engineering and technology. Thomas ERICSON, Senior Lecturer of Linnaeus University, Växjö (lnu) | Read 15 publications | Contact Thomas ERICSON "The research facilities are great, and as a researcher you have access to all the resources you can dream of. If you have another form of funding for your PhD studies (for example scholarship, external funding from an institute that finances research and PhD studies, or another kind of funding) you should contact the faculty which is responsible for the subject area in which you are interested. The University of Copenhagen offers cutting edge … We offer opportunities for research for both doctoral students and…, Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in computer and information science, Curious to do research in the subject of computer and information science? Linnaeus University provides research training characterised by good conditions, a committed supervisory team, and well-established national and international networks. Linnaeus University for Current Students is offered for students who are already enrolled in a two- or three-year lasting programme at Linnaeus University. These studentships will finance your studies for an equivalent of four years full-time studies for a doctoral degree or two years full-time studies for a licentiate degree, and during this time you will be employed by the university. SEBE Best Paper Competition 2020 – the winners are announced! Vacancies. We offer opportunities for research for both doctoral students and industrial…, Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in physics. Jobs and vacancies Application instructions can be found further down the page. Prospective PhD Candidates; How to obtain a PhD position; PhD research programmes; PhD Scholarship Programme; Moving to Groningen - The Netherlands; Current PhD Vacancies; Meet us! Students can only apply for this scholarship before commencing the programme. Find research and researchers at Lund University Research excellence areas MAX IV & ESS Innovation and entrepreneurship Services for researchers Faculty research links ... Linnaeus research environments Submenu for Linnaeus research environments. In many subjects, research is also carried out with a didactic or educational specialisation. In the job advertisement you will find information on what to include in your application, the application deadline, and whom to contact if you have questions. Students with any other forms of funding may be admitted to third-cycle studies if the responsible body deems the financial means to be in place for the applicant. If these are not available, admission is not possible. Krzysztof Marciniak +46 11 36 33 20 The decision making process follows the rules and regulations of the third-cycle education. Below you will find more information about the process of applying for doctoral student positions or enquire about other forms of funding. Vacancies. Often these requirements stipulate knowledge acquired in higher education but specific vocational experience may also be required. Every year, UCPH enrols more than 700 new PhD students. Admission to PhD studies To become a PhD student you must apply, and be admitted to, a vacant employed position. For instance, I can buy whatever chemicals I need for my research as long as I can justify the purchase to my supervisor.". To be admitted to PhD studies in a third-cycle subject area there are some requirements which have to be fulfilled. The faculty needs to provide supervisors, examiner, work space for the doctoral student, as well as other necessary resources. The ability is usually evaluated based on the essays/theses from first- and second-cycle studies, the proposed research plan, scientific publications, and the results of interviews. Ph.D. vacancies. We are looking for people who share our values of widening participation in higher education, promoting sustainability and working towards social equality. The university has a name for innovative and ground-breaking research. Any additional requirements will be listed in the job advertisement. All international PhD positions will be posted in English. I've heard that people who change from one research field to another usually get more inspiration and more ideas, as a result of their thoughts not being restricted to one field. Wood Technology Society The combination of subjects taken during first- and second-cycle studies may be important and is sometimes taken into account. Contact; My University; Student Portal; Nederlands English 1–2 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in multilingualism. To apply for a position at Linköping University, fill in an application form, answer the questions and attach the requested appendices. PhD. Find current doctoral job vacancies I like to work in a simple and quiet environment. Specific entry requirements vary from subject to subject. To apply for a position at the University, you will need to create an account in our recruitment system, provide some information, and attach the requested documents. Victoria yantseva | Växjo, Sverige | Affiliated PhD på Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) | 194 kontakter | Visa Victorias startsida, profil, aktivitet och artiklar Also, vacancies for English-speaking candidates are sometimes placed on the Dutch section of Academic Transfer, so it is best to check the listings in both languages. ... Ph.D. Research Fellow in Machine Learning. Links to the institutes and research centres. Vacancies Academic positions. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.7 billion per year. Curious to do research in the subject of physics? Maybe I will find a postdoctoral position at a research institute or university and continue with the work I still haven't finished after my PhD. News Can carrots help combat ... SDU Vacant positions Ph.D. vacancies. We currently have 1,650 employees and 15,500 students. After the decision on admission has been made, the decision-making process of the doctoral studentship is immediately initiated. There will be two decisions made in this process: one concerning admittance (which will take place first) and one concerning employment/doctoral studentship. On days when I'm working in the lab, I usually first come to the department to check my emails and then go to the lab. 19 Research Projects PhD Opportunities. Linnaeus University Scholarship programme is offered for students who study master programmes. The application process differs depending on if the doctoral position is officially announced or not. Teaching staff, PhD students, technical staff. Dan Ridley-Ellis They can also inform you if they have other resources available that are fundamental for admission, and give you details about the admission process. Read more about PhDs in Sweden. Malmö University is an innovative, urban and international institute of higher education, located in the city centre of Malmö. Apart from fulfilling the general and specific entry requirements for admission to PhD programmes, the applicant is required to have the ability required to benefit from the study programme. They can give you an idea of whether your financial plan is acceptable or not. Vacancies This page lists the vacancies at the University of Gothenburg. An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. Post graduate research also takes place at a number of the institutes and research centres at Lund University. These are found under vacancies (in swedish). You are not allowed to be employed on a studentship for less than 50% of full-time studies. When working on my computer, my days are filled with reading papers from related research fields. Enterprise Fellowship applications are open. A majority of PhD students in Sweden are employed by their university. By continuing to use this site you accept the use of cookies. Help for applicants Show/Hide content. Home > Work > Vacancies Vacancies Får du upp en tom sida efter att du har klickat på en annons? The graduate schools at Aarhus University offer both predefined PhD projects and the option of applying with one’s own PhD project description through an open call. Together, we create a workplace full of opportunities and belief in the future. Linnaeus University (LNU) (Swedish: Linnéuniversitetet) is a state university in the Småland region of Sweden. Please apply by clicking on the “Apply” button at the bottom of the ad. PhD positions are generally advertised in our doctoral job vacancy page. These requirements concern the applicant as well as the faculty hosting the subject area. Linnaeus University was established in 2010 by a merger of former Växjö University and Kalmar University (Högskolan i Kalmar), and has been named in honour of botanist Carl Linnaeus. For students For employees For alumni Work with us; Karlstad University. Note that this page lists all university-wide vacancies. It has two campuses, one in Växjö and one in Kalmar. The research is carried out either as specialisation research within a faculty, or through interdisciplinary research across faculty boundaries. Available doctoral studentships (employment as a doctoral student) are posted at Work at the university.Check for vacant jobs at the university. Confor PhD Student. Innovawood Try again later. Wood for Good In order to admit a doctoral student, the faculty must provide the necessary resources. When you apply for a PhD in Sweden, you're applying for a job. You will find deadlines and requirements for all types of PhD positions, fellowships and scholarships on the individual graduate school websites: Graduate School - Faculty of Arts Local regulations for third-cycle courses and study programmes, Switchboard: +46(0)772-28 80 00 Phone hours: 07.45–16.40, May–August 07.45–16.00Email:, Contact and visit usCorona informationCrisis and securityJobs and vacanciesStaffVision 2030About the website. Her interest in paleoecology and the possibility to manage her own time made Furong Li choose PhD studies. I also have meetings with my supervisor and with my colleagues, make data analyses of both field work data and lab work data, and write research papers based on my study. If an applicant wishes to be admitted with another form of funding than an internally funded doctoral studentship, the feasibility of the funding plan must be assessed. They are part of the Institute for Sustainable Construction at Edinburgh Napier University, UK. Our research is conducted in close collaboration with industries such as Bosch, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB, SKF and leading international universities. All the applicants will receive information about the decisions as soon as the decision on the doctoral studentship has been taken. We offer opportunities for research for both doctoral students and…, Third-cycle (doctoral) programme in chemical engineering, Curious to do research in the subject of chemical engineering? Holders of doctoral degrees from Linnaeus University have pursued research together with supervisors and other doctoral students in high-quality research environments, and are used to working in teams and to presenting their research to both experts and laymen. I also like to go to conferences and workshops to listen to presentations and have discussions with other people from my field of research. SDU works purposefully to create dialogue between the university's researchers and the surrounding society. If you are one of our appointed external experts, please find below information to help you complete your assignment. You learn scientific methodology, sound research ethics and how to work independently and systematically. Linnaeus University (LNU) (Swedish: Linnéuniversitetet) is a state university in the Småland region of Sweden.It has two campuses, one in Växjö and one in Kalmar.Linnaeus University was established in 2010 by a merger of former Växjö University and Kalmar University (Högskolan i Kalmar), and is named in honour of the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. Toppmeny. The doctoral student is obliged to follow the programme as described in the general syllabus and in the individual study plan. Assessment and selection criteria are stated in the general syllabus of the subject. Ask for the research officer of the faculty in charge. Third-cycle studies at Linnaeus University shall be funded primarily through doctoral studentships.