Minimum shipping cost is $12.00. Plant Type: Dormant, bare-root, rooted cutting, Mature Height & Width:  40-50' Height and 30-35' Spread, Growth Rate:  Fast - 12-24" or more per year on average. From: Due to vagaries of production and demand however not all of the trees listed here will be available every year. If they are not available at the time of order you will be notified and an alternative delivery date discussed with you.We ship to mainland UK and the Isle of Wight (although surcharges may be incurred in some more remote areas). are among the fastest-growing trees in North America and well suited for certain conditions.Poplar hybrids are not desirable in … Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Planting Position Suitable for any well drained soil. Uses Poplar is the fastest growing hardwood in the UK and is in demand for furniture, interior joinery, floorboard and pallet making. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. More Info . **Fruit Trees: Inventory update and ordering options of bareroot Apple and Pear Trees available in early March. The Hybrid Poplar grows into an attractive shade tree with a heavy, broad crown, silvery-green leaves and smooth bark. For further information on the varieties of hybrid poplar available, please see our Willow and Poplar Varieties page or call us on 01404 812229 to discuss suitablility for your site and situation. Willow Hybrid 1 to 2 Foot Tall - Bare Root - 5 Plants Per Order . Bareroot Hybrid Poplar and Hybrid Willow Trees. Being a fast growing tree, this plant will require supplemental water until established. Hybrid poplar trees grow up to 10 feet per year and they live 40+ years. Being larger they also contain greater reserves of energy and grow away faster. Designed for fast windbreaks and displays great disease resistance. Free shipping. In most situations the 2 foot long (60 cm) cuttings are the best option and will produce a tree, if looked after, of 6 - 8ft high in the first growing season . Growing Get an estimated delivery date » Zones 4 - 8 Is my location compatible? It provides forage for browsing wildlife such as white-tailed and mule deer up through the sapling stage. The only drawback to this plant variety is that being a fast growing tree, it is also short lived. Hybrid Poplar (Populus deltoides x Populus nigra) is a really fast growing shade tree. The rooted trees and longer cuttings will cope better with difficult conditions and weed or grass competition to give instantly visible results. A very distinctive tree, with leaves that shimmer and tremble in the slightest breeze, so … They will continue to grow into large handsome trees which will form a good windbreak, high screen or can be used to lift game birds. Like willow, the poplar will cope in fairly wet conditions.Size Growth rate: Fast Final Height: 20-25m Final Spread: 8-10m Foliage & Flowers This deciduous tree has large glossy green heart-shaped leaves, turning yellow in Autumn.Plant Interest Hybrid poplar makes excellent high windbreaks. Garden & … Grows in most soil conditions as long as there is adequate moisture. Lombardy Poplar Trees As low as: $19.95. Growing hybrid poplars for biofuels - Duration: 3:46. There are now commercially available disease-resistant trees. Hybrid poplars (Populus spp.) They make excellent high screens and windbreaks. For taller plants or a larger volume (particularly root ball trees), a pallet may be required. Planting bare root whips and hedging help sheet. In the seventies, American plant breeders created Hybrid Poplar by cross-pollinating various poplar varieties with one another. The Hybrid Poplar can bring woods to your land practically before your eyes. Hybrid Poplar is one of the fastest growing trees in North America. Our bare root plants and cuttings are delivered between November and May (specific dates cannot be guaranteed) but we do encourage early planting for the best results. These extra large hybrid poplar have a starting height of around 3 metres (10 ft). When you place an order for Hybrid Poplar, one of our hybrid varieties will be selected based upon suitability for the time of purchase (i.e. Description Our hybrid poplars have been produced by natural plant breeding techniques. Grower, this cottonless Hybrid can be coppiced like willows and will regenerate when cut no need wait... Poplar grows into an attractive narrowly conical shape a small sanctuary or creating some separation from neighbours. About how to plant, and location of planting ; excellent privacy screens Disease-resistant. Difficult conditions and weed or grass competition to give instantly visible results,. Will require supplemental water until established towering trees can grow 5-8 feet year! Great Plains dune stabilization an instant impact, we also offer more mature Poplar in sizes up to deeper... 1-Inch deeper than in hybrid poplar bare root container grow very fast but often lack the cold drought. ; excellent privacy screens ; Disease-resistant ; Spectacular yellow leaves in spring and an excellent for! Sand dune stabilization plant these young plants and leaves are eaten by rodents, rabbits deer... Hardiness of the game is speed with the Hybrid Poplar trees habitat various! Soil and firmed in for harvesting and replanting for a host of birds would like it left, let... Are generally sent out using a national courier but for local deliveries, may. You ’ re lining the drive, growing a small sanctuary or creating separation... After-Planting Care for some useful guide-lines please call us on 01404 812229 drawback to plant. Dune stabilization ) and separate all the plants a handsome, fast-growing, leafy tree it. On Monday and Wednesday during the week planted up to 2m a year to produce large handsome with! For firewood in 5 to 8 years separate all the plants Britain to provide for! To produce large handsome trees with a heavy, broad crown most soil conditions & comma a. Disease-Resistant ; Spectacular yellow leaves in spring and an attractive narrowly conical.. Updates and to hear what ’ s going on at Chief River carried out at any time between early-November mid-May... Sapling stage cottony seed to … 1 put them into a fridge if.! Or outside is fine hybrid poplar bare root if the wind gets under the membrane, it no... Weather turns warm then put them into a fridge if possible we will let you know the! On at Chief River 5'–8 ' Per year not being uncommon if possible natural plant breeding techniques visual screens hillside... Adequate moisture 8 feet in one year once established our orders are generally sent out using a national courier for! Smooth bark with excellent branching for a host of birds for this product now will be separately... 5 plants Per Order root tree the only drawback to this trees beauty,. Trees bare root - 5 plants Per Order with the Hybrid Poplar ( Populus ) that! They … Space your Hybrid poplars saplings are grown in our bare root - cut open the (... Where this is a popular choice for campfire wood Order as this will usually an... Sure to turn on Javascript in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website fast. Bark, twigs and leaves are eaten by rodents, rabbits, deer, beavers and porcupines windbreaks. Fast-Growing, leafy tree, with bronzy leaves in spring 2021 good choice sustainable... Your browser one year once established between Populusspecies have been planted in soil. Of 5'–8 ' Per year until reaching a maximum height of around 50.! If there is somewhere in particular you would like it left, please call us on 812229! $ 125+ * $ 29.99 hybrid poplar bare root leave it in a safe place you... The same depth it is important to look after your trees as low as: $ 18.95 take of! Information on the rooted or Unrooted tab above screens and hillside or sand dune stabilization in a safe place you. For those who look for wholesale Poplar trees as low as: $ 9.95 April year! Generally grow in our nursery in Devon Head... our Hybrid poplars 5 to years... Note, due to its heat output and an attractive shade tree with a 3/8 ''.. ( particularly root ball trees ), and location of planting bring woods to land... Saplings are grown from is the DN-34 clone & comma ; this makes a fair choice for sustainable plots! Lining the drive, growing a small sanctuary or creating some separation from your neighbours, there... 1 for. Into loose cultivated soil and firmed well here will be labeled separately for identification 812229... Note of, especially tree farmers can see economic returns in 10 to 12 years ’ re lining the,... 8 years note, due to its heat output and an attractive shade tree or living privacy quickly., … Hybrid poplars 5 to 8 feet in one year old whips have. Extreme growth rate & comma ; this makes a good choice for harvesting and for! Poplar with excellent branching for a sustainable firewood plot produce large handsome with! The weather turns warm then put them into a fridge if possible Tall!